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About Us


Or maybe a new kind of coaching mixed with an old type of sport. Anything but an elitist, strict and boring sports coaching, where kids wait in lines, feel unwelcome, get bored and would rather be anywhere else.

We are sports coaching made up of friendly, caring coaches who design fun-filled, action packed sessions tailored for the kids actually attending the sessions. We encourage and praise at every opportunity. We are people who take pride in watching children grow and develop. We promise to develop your child into being confident and active, and a kid who not only takes part in sport, but loves it, too.

With love,



Less "Next please"

We believe coaching can be focused on caring. Does that sound crazy? It shouldn’t. And that’s why we dismantled the old coaching model and completely rebuilt it. At Rocket, we focus on praise and building confidence in our little athletes.  Positive coaching works. For all kids. Any age. All abilities. 

We know early experiences of sports shape children’s enjoyment and future participation, we all had that horrible PE teacher at school, didn’t we? If kids don’t enjoy sport at primary school, they likely never will. 

Our People

Stephen cares.
You can feel at ease.

This is Stephen, he’s our founder. He is well known for his famous high fives and his love for all sport, he isn’t the slightest bit competitive, promise (okay, maybe a little bit!). Stephen’s not like a normal coach, far from it actually! He hates being called ‘sir’ and is full of terrible dad jokes… Stephen has a degree in sports development and coaching and has always been passionate about coaching. He first started Rocket Youth Sports in 2017, with the aim to make a positive change within children’s sport.

Coaches are only allowed to join if they share the same vision, and the team is excited to show you their child focused approach to coaching.

Our Coaching

Coaching for ALL

Not all as in everyone MUST play sports, but all as in all skill levels are welcome. Sport is a tool for health, friendships, escapism, fun and friendly competition. A better life, a more rounded life.

We have full time coaches, who spend all day thinking about how to make their sessions better. Our sessions all follow the same goals: Fun, Fast and Friendly. All of this means we aim to create a love for sport in your child. No matter whether it’s gymnastics, cheerleading, street dance, ninja kids, afterschool clubs or anything else!

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How We Do



Never worry about boring sessions or repetitive drills. 
We know that if we’re having fun, then the kids will be too. 


Never worry about your child with us.
We’re trained, first aid trained and DBS checked. Fully insured and approved by schools, parents and kids!


We don’t just tell you that we care, we show you.
We go the extra mile to build the relationship between coach, kids and parents. 


No need to look any further. That’s right, we said it. 
Our sessions are game based and fast paced. We have unique sessions and awesome coaches.